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With us, it's easy.  
You bring the guests.

We do the rest.

The Village Gourmet is open and delighted to host your catered events again! Visiting us this year will be a little more intimate with a little more space and many more great times.


Using seasonal ingredients flavored with traditions from the south, Chef Lynn Epperly makes palates sing. With gracious service and extraordinary attention to detail, her cuisine makes every event a fabulous experience. We give you the opportunity to customize your menu and to highlight any themed event, on any budget. So join us as our next guest where ordinary is simply not on the menu.


Our Sponsor

The Village Gourmet is a whole new kind of catering company in Blacksburg, but our connection to the area goes back decades. Our sponsor is the retirement community whose campus we share: Warm Hearth Village. A nonprofit community, Warm Hearth Village was founded in 1974 by Wybe and Marietje Kroontje, Dutch immigrants who came to the U.S. after World War II. Eager to give something back to the country that had given so much to them, Wybe and Marietje created a community dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors of all socioeconomic backgrounds.


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